Jorge (Hor-Hay) was born and raised in Colombia, South America. He moved to the States in 1987, and married an Italian girl. …Actually, an Italian family. That’s what happens when you marry “their” daughter.

Angela his wife has a lot of input on the selection and narrowing the key shots. His children, Jesse and Pia support him by assisting in photo shoots and modeling. Pia has expressed desire to learn Photography and Jorge has taken on that task.

Jorge looks at his surrounding as potential works of art. “Everything has a beauty in it”.

He is known by his expression “This is the shot!”, the one to be always remembered.

Instagram: sketchwithlight

Daniela’s Love for Photography and eye for capturing the moment is no accident. Her Parents came to America in the 60’s and raised their family in a traditional Italian household, “Shipping” the kids to the old country and exposing the to the most beautiful surroundings near Amalfi at every opportunity they had.

Daniela is a proud parent of Aiden and Desmond. Her husband Chad is a great guy who is always there to support her crazy ideas, like … being a photographer. Kidding aside, her passion for people and beauty combines the elements she captures masterfully. She specializes in newborns, toddlers, pregnancy photo sessions, and …Yes, the Bride!

Instagram: BellaGriepPhotography


Pia is the youngest team member. Artistically gifted and avid reader is exploring her talents in visual arts. Pia is Jorge’s youngest Daughter and Daniela’s niece.